“Honkai: Star Rail” Novice Pool Character Strength Review and Recommended Lineups

In “Honkai: Star Rail”, the novice pool currently offers a variety of characters for players to draw. How do these characters perform, and what kind of lineups are they suitable for? Let’s delve into the power dynamics of the novice pool characters in “Honkai: Star Rail”.

The list is arranged based on their practicality in the game.


Character Role for Bailu: Healer

Bailu, the only five-star healer available at launch, is endearing and packs a powerful healing punch. She is currently the only character who can revive teammates (excluding characters like Arlan and Gepard who can revive themselves). In turn-based games where enemy damage is inevitable, Bailu can heal three times with her special attack and offers a much-needed boost to the entire team’s survivability. Her skills can be activated even F2P. Her healing ability becomes even more crucial in high-difficulty battles where enemy damage output is high.

Team Composition: Bailu is a jack-of-all-trades, put her where healing is needed.


Character Role for Bronya: Harmonizer (Damage increase, Energy generation, Debuff removal)

As the first Harmonizer support character, she provides increased attack power, increased critical damage, and energy generation. Despite being nerfed from the official preview where her ability no longer allows her to generate energy for herself, she still remains a potent support character. She may impact F2P players, but she’s still a viable and powerful support character.

Team Composition: Bronya + Tingyun + main DPS + Healer.

This is a classic combination.


Character Role for Gepard: Guardian (Shield, Damage resistance)

Gepard is currently the only potent five-star shield character. However, in activities like the daily Simulated Universe, you are required to take down multiple enemies to clear levels. The shield mechanism seems less effective in these situations, as Guardians have a higher taunt value and are more likely to be attacked. Even then, it might take a couple of turns before you can use the special attack. However, by this point, your team’s health would’ve already taken a bit of a hit. Starting a new round won’t carry over any shield value from the previous one. In some scenarios, the lost health can’t be recovered unless a healer is in the lineup.

Gepard is better suited for high-difficulty abyss dungeons than Bailu because he can provide a shield value that’s higher than most healers can offer. But at the same time, for survival’s sake, you might need to add a healer to the lineup, depending on the difficulty and requirements of the dungeon.

Team Composition: Gepard is a jack-of-all-trades. Put him where you need him.


Character Role for Welt: Void (Energy push, Slow)

Welt is the only character that we know of who got strengthened before the public test. A fitting tribute to his name?

In normal circumstances, he shouldn’t be put in the fourth position. But for F2P players, he’s probably second or third on the priority list. For other characters, their contribution to a lineup might be additive. For example, if your DPS has a rating of 0.9 and Bronya’s support ability is around 1.1, and she can make you attack again with energy generation, that’s 0.9 + 1.1 = 2.

But for Welt, it’s multiplicative. He is like a multiplier of 2. For F2P players who can’t get high-strength DPS, when you have a DPS less than 1×2, the result will be less than the original value. However, for high-strength DPS with a score greater than 1, the 2 times multiplier will provide more significant increases the higher their strength is.

This ‘1’ is more like a critical value, similar to the difference between a four-star and five-star character. Currently, most four-star characters in the game, no matter how strong they are, can’t surpass five-stars.

In simple terms, Welt’s strength varies with the strength of the DPS character. He’s more suitable for whales in the early stage, but is also essential for F2P players in the later stages.

Team Composition: Welt + Asta/Tingyun + DPS + Healer


Character Role for Yanqing: Scout (Single-target burst)

Based on the current preview of the Light Cone, Yanqing is the only one who seems to be nerfed. But it’s not a big deal because his exclusive Light Cone is usually hard to get.

Yanqing’s mechanism provides additional bonuses through his skills and special attacks, boosting a large amount of critical rate and critical damage for explosive output. Therefore, he requires a lot of points to use his special attack more quickly.

Team Composition: Tingyun + Asta/Bronya + Yanqing + Bailu


Character Role for Clara: Destroyer (Counterattack)

Clara is a character who counterattacks after being hit. During her special attack, any character on the team getting hit will trigger a stronger counterattack.

This presents a problem: currently, the only character who can increase the team’s taunt value is March 7th, but March 7th, as a Guardian, also has a high taunt value, which might prevent enemies from attacking Clara. We may be waiting for a character who can increase taunt value and act as a healer.

One advantage Clara has is a high survivability that other DPS characters lack.

Team Composition: Clara + March 7th + Secondary DPS + Healer


Character Role for Himeko: Scholar (Damage over time, Area damage)

Based on the official preview, Himeko is explicitly strengthened, and her normal attack, special attack, and talents all have a chance to cause burn damage.

The weak point isn’t Himeko, but the current environment. Currently, the number of enemies is 4, 3, 2. Regardless of the situation, it’s impossible for Himeko to achieve an optimal attack output.

Team Composition: Himeko + Asta + Fire Main DPS + Healer

All the above combinations are intended for F2P players. These characters correspond to seven different roles. In the store, everyone can exchange four-star Light Cones for each role. Although these four-star Light Cones are not as good as five-star exclusive weapons, they are still suitable for the above seven characters.

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